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Look, let’s be honest; it’s costly to live right now. Everything is more expensive than it used to be, from rent to groceries to fun things like going out to eat. So, it makes total sense if you’re more worried than ever before about the cost of things.

So, if you need new blinds for your home or want to upgrade, you may wonder why blinds feel so expensive. Are these window treatments overpriced? Why do they cost more than some other window coverings, such as fabric curtains?

Discover more about the cost of blinds and what determines affordability in this guide from Arizona Blinds Company.

Factors That Impact Blind Pricing

When considering the price of blinds, you have to look at the various factors that impact the cost. Some types of blinds will be more expensive than others. Generally, these are the following things that determine how affordable blinds are as window treatments:

Custom made blinds

Anything custom-made is going to be more expensive than something that comes in bulk from a factory. So ,if you have windows that are odd shapes or super large, you’ll likely need to order custom blinds, which is going to be more expensive.

Not a frequent purchase

Blinds can seem expensive, but they don’t seem as steep when you think of them as an investment. Unlike some other window treatments, blinds don’t need to be replaced very often. They usually last around eight years, unlike curtains which can get torn or stained much faster.

Because they last many years, they aren’t as expensive in the long-run as they may seem up front.

Quality materials

Another factor that impacts the cost of blinds is materials. Some materials will cost more than others. For example, if you want real wood blinds, they will cost more than blinds made of vinyl.

Also, there is a range of quality even within the same material type. For example, some faux wood blinds are made of composite wood while others are made of PVC. The composite wood options will usually be more expensive.

Not one-size-fits-all

Even if you don’t need specifically made blinds because of a unique window, blinds are still a product that’s not one-size-fits-all. There is some standardization in window sizes, especially with newer homes.

Still, blinds must be the correct length and width for windows, so they are made in a more precise way that’s more difficult to manufacture.

Why Blinds Make Great Window Coverings

Window blinds may cost a little more money upfront, but they have lots of advantages as window treatments. So, when you’re trying to decide if you should invest in quality blinds or go with a cheaper option like fabric curtains, remember these benefits of blinds:

When you have customized window treatments, it’s easy to control the level of light in your home, and you can even save money on your utility bills with better insulation.

Which Types Of Blinds Are Cheaper?

While blinds can seem expensive if you’re replacing all your window treatments at once, some options are cheaper than others.

If you’re mainly looking at affordability, these are the types of window treatment to consider:

No matter what kind of window blinds you’re looking for, Arizona Blinds Company can help. We offer many window treatment options, including customized window treatments and motorized blinds.

Quality, Cost-Effective Blinds For Your Home

At Arizona Blinds Company, we get that the cost of living has gone up and that you’re probably looking to save money where you can. This is why we make every effort to offer great quality window treatments at affordable costs for Arizona residents.

We provide many options for window blinds, including faux wood blinds, cordless blinds, and much more. But, we don’t stop there, we also can repair blinds, customize them, and anything else you need.

Give us a call to learn more or set up your own free consultation.