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“We Hired ABC after our next door neighbors used them for blinds and we love
em. Friendly, Honest and quality service. Definitely recommend them.” Dennis – Mesa, AZ

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Discounts & Special Offers On Select Products!

Choose from our wide selection of high quality blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, & more for select discounts.

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“We Hired Arizona Blinds Company after our next door neighbors used them for roller shades and we love em. They were friendly, have nice products, great prices, and they installed ours in 2 weeks. 9 Days to be exact. Definitely recommend them.”

Dennis Encanto Village, AZ
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Who are we?

Your Local Arizona Blinds & Shades Company

We are a family-owned business offering high quality blinds, shades, and custom window treatment solutions to the residents of Arizona.

Let us help you cover your window from the sunlight today!

Whether it’s energy-efficient cellular shades to combat the Arizona heat, elegant plantation shutters for timeless charm, or motorized blinds for modern convenience, we have the expertise and products to meet any need.

Dedicated to exceptional customer service, we offer personalized consultations to help residents choose the perfect window treatments for their space, style, and budget.

We are committed to delivering satisfaction to our residents and dedicated to becoming the trusted choice for quality and service for window treatments in the Arizona community!

Awe inspiring ideas


Designs to inspire function and elegance

Product highlights

Cool Your living Space

Cool your living space with the perfect blend of beauty and utility with our window treatments. We work with a large number of brands and carry all types of window treatments including various types of shades, blinds, shutters, curtains, smart shades and more.

Cellular Shades

  • Incredible energy-efficiency: Our shades cut energy costs, while competitors’ may increase bills.
  • Diffuse light in style: Enhance aesthetics with soft light; competitors may disrupt your space.
  • Cordless & down-up options: Ensure safety, convenience, and versatility; competitors may compromise on these features.
  • Aesthetic appeal and versatility: Diverse styles for any decor, avoiding limitations on style or functionality.

Roller shades

  • Simple style & incredible functionality: Our shades blend a minimalist design with high performance, unlike alternatives that might compromise on either style or function.
  • Superior operation & motorization: Enjoy easy and advanced motorized operation, a step above the manual or less durable options from other providers.
  • UV blocking sun shade options: Protect your interiors with our UV-blocking capabilities, preventing the fading and heating issues common with lower-quality shades.
  • Light filtering & blackout options:Choose from soft light diffusion to complete darkness for optimal comfort, a level of control not always available with other shades. Opting for our roller shades means choosing a harmonious blend of style, convenience, and quality, unmatched by other sources.

Wood Blinds

  • Timeless Design
  • Affordable Window Shading
  • Corded & Cordless Options
  • Effortless functionality & safety
  • Home security & energy savings
Why we are better

Our Difference

Choose Arizona Blinds Company for an unmatched experience in enhancing
your home or office spaces. Here’s why our services stand out:

Fast delivery

We understand your time is precious.
Our swift delivery ensures your window treatments are installed without unnecessary delays, a benefit you might not experience with other providers, who could leave you waiting for weeks.

Factory Direct Pricing

Enjoy unparalleled savings without compromising on quality.

Superior Quality Blinds and Shades

Our products are designed to outshine and outlast.

Heating and Cooling Benefits

Our honeycomb blinds are not just aesthetically pleasing but also energy-efficient.

Free Estimates and In-Home Consultation

We provide personalized, expert advice right in the comfort of your home, free of charge.

We understand your time is precious.
Our swift delivery ensures your window treatments are installed without unnecessary delays, a benefit you might not experience with other providers, who could leave you waiting for weeks.​

Enjoy unparalleled savings without compromising on quality.

Our products are designed to outshine and outlast.

Our honeycomb blinds are not just aesthetically pleasing but also energy-efficient.

We provide personalized, expert advice right in the comfort of your home, free of charge.

The Ultimate Guide to Blinds for Every Home

Imagine transforming your Arizona home with window treatments that not only elevate its aesthetics but also offer practical benefits such as energy efficiency, light control, and privacy. The perfect Arizona blinds can indeed make a world of difference. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? In this guide, we’ll show you the top window treatment options available in Arizona, helping you make an informed decision for your unique needs and preferences.

Unveiling the Best Window Treatments in Arizona

To provide the most suitable window treatment for your home in Arizona, there are a variety of options and treatments for various situations. Whether you’re looking to add elegance or privacy, there is sure to be the perfect solution among our selection that will fulfill all your needs!

Best for Energy Efficiency: Cellular Shades

Best for Classic Elegance: Shutters

Best for Layered Looks: Draperies

Best for Outdoors & Modern Simplicity: Roller Shades

Best for Versatile Light Control: Sheer Shades

Best for Energy Efficiency: Cellular Shades


  • Type: Cordless or Corded


  • Energy efficient

  • Attractive design

  • Variety of colors and styles


  • Color can fade over time

One customer explained her process: “I had just fitted cellular blinds (often referred to as honeycomb shades) in my AZ residence and was extremely pleased with the energy efficiency, elegance, and functionality that they provided.”

Being made of resilient material which expands or contracts like an accordion makes them incredibly efficient when it comes to blocking heat gain/loss – a much better choice than vertical blinds! With many colors, styles & light-filtering options available for this type, one is sure to find what compliments their room’s decor. An additional bonus is the cordless design adding another layer of safety both for kids & pets alike. Although sunlight can cause fading over time, most customers are still very content with these shade investments due at least partly to the energy savings and efficiency.

Best for Classic Elegance: Shutters


Price: Varies depending on material and size.


  • Materials: Designer-inspired materials, real and faux wood

  • Adjustable Louvers


  • Timeless aesthetic

  • Wide range of materials and finishes

  • Light control


  • Can be expensive depending on the material

Shutters bring a timeless sophistication to any Arizona house. With different materials available, like faux and true wooden plantation shutters, there are multiple options suiting varying budgets whilst accommodating privacy needs as well via adjustable louvers, permitting versatile light control within each windowed space. Although usually the most expensive, they can make it worth the cost due to their combination of long lasting material, natural style, and functionality. 

Best for Layered Looks: Draperies

Price: Varies depending on fabric and size 


  • Wide range of colors and styles

  • Layering options with other window treatments


  • Enhances room’s look

  • Offers great layering options

  • Wide range of colors and styles


  • May require additional window treatments for light control and insulation

When it comes to window coverings, draperies are a great way of introducing texture and visual interest. Offering numerous options in color, fabric and design, we provide the opportunity for layering with blinds or shades for an especially striking look that some have in for example, the bedroom, paired with wood blinds – ultimately creating a comfortable ambiance within the space.

To achieve this layered appearance when working with drapes, you can combine different textures like sheer linen fabrics together alongside thicker material such as velvet curtain styles. Allowing for both light diffusion along privacy requirements simultaneously being met while still upholding depth & texture throughout your choice of windows treatments.

Whilst adding dimension to any room setting – bear in mind that solely utilizing these particular treatments may not be practical if things such as insulation or overall light control is the most important and supplementing them with other window treatments where applicable is most recommended.

Best for Outdoors & Modern Simplicity: Roller Shades

Price: Varies depending on material and size 


  • Materials: Fabric, PVC, vinyl, and polyester

  • Custom-made with various colors and fabrics Pros:

  • Ideal for outdoor spaces

  • Modern and simple design

  • Wide range of colors and fabrics Cons:

  • May not provide sufficient insulation

Roller shades are the perfect choice for homeowners seeking an up-to-date window covering in indoor and outdoor spaces, due to them being tailor made with a plethora of colors, fabrics and hem profiles. Installing these on the patio gives it a modern look that can go above expectations! They private the comfort of shade while still allowing enough visibility to see through. Combined with the functionality of easy rolling up and down, these are the perfect option for outdoor coverings. Not to mention, indoor looks great as a modern touch and truly modernizes homes. These are highly popular motorized.

Best for Versatile Light Control: Sheer Shades

Price: Silhouettes: $200 – $500


  • Dual fabric panels and slats

  • Custom-crafted for superior light control


  • Combines fabric shades and interior shutters

  • Versatile light control

  • Unique and stylish look


  • Can be expensive compared to other window shades

  • Limited color palette

Sheer shades are great for windows and provide a special appearance with the advantages of both fabric shades, woven varieties, and shutters. Installing them in a place like the dining room to easily modify the light levels while still maintaining an uncluttered look is an advantage no other treatments can provide as well. These types of window covers allow you to regulate natural sunlight, yet they could cost more than other styles available and their color options may be limited too. If controlling light is vital as well as having a distinctive style then these would make an ideal choice for your windows!

Mastering the Art of Selecting the Right Blinds

Making the right window treatments selection for your AZ home is dependent upon several factors such as energy efficiency, style preference, light control and budget. By collaborating with a reliable provider like Arizona Blinds Company, who offers free in-home consultations complete with precise measurements and installation services, you will help ensure that you obtain custom options suitable to enhance the look of all windows throughout your property. Arizona Blinds Company is renowned for their outstanding quality along with customer satisfaction guarantees they offer on products ranging from new blinds, cellular shades to roller shades amongst others, providing layered effects also available where needed.

The perfect fit can be reached by tailoring each choice specifically per customers’ individual needs allowing them to create beautiful visual transformations through choosing correctly selected fashions while deriving practical benefits simultaneously enhancing not just aesthetics but overall atmosphere within their homes too, taking into account both functional plus decorative requirements at once.

When it comes to finding the most ideal window treatments for your Arizona residence, you want something that is energy efficient and stylish while also accommodating light control within a budget. Cellular shades can be perfect in this regard. They offer excellent efficiency with their design, as well as timeless shutter styles or versatile sheer shade options. Taking time to assess all these elements will ensure that whatever you choose serves both its aesthetic purpose but practical purpose too, making right window treatment selection key in elevating the interior of any AZ home.

Our customers

What others say

See what others have to say about their experiences working with Arizona Blinds Co!

“We Hired ABC after our next door neighbors used them for blinds and we love em. Friendly, Honest and quality service. Definitely recommend them.”

Dennis South Mountain, AZ
Our customers

What others say

See what others have to say about their experiences working with Arizona Blinds Co!

“I wish Google offered more stars! The blinds are beautiful! We are so happy with our blinds and the price we paid and the service we received. I’d like other customers know what great service we received and for the price we paid! It was affordable and so worth it. The quality of the blinds is top notch. Thank you so much!!!!!!! What an awesome company!” 

Abby Biltmore, AZ


Find answers to common questions about blinds and shades.

Window blinds and treatments are coverings that are used to control the amount of light, privacy, and insulation in a room. They come in various styles and materials, such as blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes.

We carry a variety of window blinds, including:

  • Vertical blinds (vertical slats)
  • Roller blinds (fabric that rolls up and down)
  • Solar Shades
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Zebra Shades
  • Roman shades (fabric that folds as it’s raised)
  • Cellular shades (honeycomb design for insulation)
  • Wooden blinds (blinds made of wood slats)
  • Shutters (Faux & Basswood)
  • Drapes
  • Smart & Motorized Shades

Yes, we offer free in-home estimates for our window blinds and shades. Contact us to schedule an appointment.”

We offer limited lifetime warranties on all of our products. Additional manufacturer warranties can vary based on terms and coverage between manufacturers.

Remember that window treatments can significantly impact the aesthetics and functionality of your space, so it’s important to choose the right options for your needs and preferences. If you have specific questions about a particular type of window treatment or need further guidance, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional or the manufacturer for more detailed information.

The installation process typically takes 1-2 hours depending on the type and size of the blinds. Our professional installers will ensure a quick and efficient installation.”

Consider factors like the room’s decor, your privacy needs, the amount of natural light you want, and your budget. Consult our window treatment specialist if you’re unsure.

Measure the width and height of the window frame and the depth of the window. These measurements will help you choose the right size and style for your windows.

Many window treatments come with installation instructions and can be installed by DIY enthusiasts. However, small measurement differences can cause light and filter gaps that can be avoided by a professional installation. Also, for more complex installations or custom treatments, it may be best to hire us to do the installation and measurements.

The cleaning method depends on the type of treatment. Dusting, vacuuming, or spot cleaning are common methods. Refer to our specialists for instructions for specific care.

Window treatments can offer insulation, UV protection, and privacy. They can also help reduce energy costs and enhance the overall comfort of a room.

Yes, many window treatments are available in eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Look for options made from natural fibers, organic fabrics, or recycled materials.

You can improve energy efficiency by choosing cellular shades, solar shades, or thermal-lined curtains, which provide better insulation. They help regulate the temperature in your room and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Yes, we offer custom window treatments tailored to your specific needs, including irregularly shaped or oversized windows.

It’s essential to consider safety when choosing window treatments, especially if you have young children or pets. Cordless or motorized options are safer alternatives to traditional corded blinds as well as motorized options.

 Yes, motorized window treatments are becoming increasingly popular. They can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or a remote control device.

The lifespan of window treatments varies depending on the type and quality. Generally, blinds and shades can maintain their quality for the first 5-10 years, while curtains and drapes may last longer with proper care. Shutters can last 10-20+ years.

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