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Do you have traditional plastic blinds? While these have been popular for a reason, they can look a bit outdated, and they are prone to breaking. These days, there are many options for window treatments that aren’t just the blinds you might have seen decades ago in every home.

Now, you can get elevated window treatments at affordable prices. One option for a high-quality, cost-effective window treatment is faux wood blinds. This option looks similar to wood blinds but doesn’t cost as much, making faux wood window treatments a better option for many homeowners and renters.

But, what exactly are these faux wood blinds? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages if you choose faux wood blinds? Learn more and get answers to your questions in this guide from Arizona Blinds Company.

The Basics Of Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are just what they sound like, blinds made out of faux wood. They are created to look just like real wood, but they are actually made of either a composite wood or a PVC material.

Faux wood blinds have slats consisting of a wood core covered in polymer, or they are made entirely of a PVC material. So, not all faux wood blinds are exactly the same.

The advantages of both options for faux wood blinds is that they are highly durable. These materials can withstand high humidity, and they are very unlikely to fade or warp. This makes them ideal even for bathroom or kitchen spaces where water accumulation can be an issue.

What About Regular Wood Blinds?

Faux wood blinds are very similar to wood blinds in appearance, but they aren’t the exact same thing. Of course, you want to make the right selection for your living space, and you may wonder if faux wood really holds up against real wood blinds.

The truth is that faux wood blinds can be better for some people! While real wood may be desirable, climates with high humidity or high temperatures can warp real wood, making artificial wood the safer bet. So, in Arizona, faux wood is often the better choice as you won’t have to worry about sun fading on your blinds.

On the other hand, real wood blinds are a good option if you live in a colder climate, as they offer excellent insulation. And, some people feel like the look of real wood blinds is impossible to beat, even if faux wood blinds come close.

Advantages Of Faux Wood Blinds

When choosing the right blinds for your property, there isn’t one right answer. Instead, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons. You’ll want to consider a few factors such as appearance, insulation, durability, and affordability whether you choose faux wood blinds, wood blinds, or something else.

With these things in mind, faux wood blinds have the following advantages:

  1. They are easy to clean: Because faux wood blinds are resistant to water and humidity, they are easy to clean. You can use many cleaning products on them without dealing with warping or staining.
  2. They are extremely durable: Because they are made of composite materials, faux wood blinds are going to last many years. They can last up to ten if they are well-maintained and treated with care.
  3. They look great in many homes and buildings: While some people prefer the look of real wood blinds, faux wood blinds at least give them a run for their money! They are more upscale window coverings that make a building look modern and luxurious.

So, if you want an overall easy to maintain, long-lasting window treatment, faux wood blinds offer these and much more.

Disadvantages Of Faux Wood Blinds

While faux wood blinds are an excellent option, they do have their downsides. It’s important to make educated decisions when investing in your home, so be aware that faux wood blinds:

Still have questions about which type of blinds are right for your home? Don’t worry! The team at Arizona Blinds Company can assist you!

You can also check out our inventory to get a better feel for how different kinds of blinds look and which you like best. You can easily compare the wood grain on real wood blinds to floor wood blinds. You can also see some of our cordless blinds, roman shades, and more.

Are Faux Wood Blinds Affordable?

Affordability is always relative. What’s cost-effective for one person might seem overpriced to another. But, regardless of your budget, you can likely find faux wood blinds that work.

On the cheaper end, some faux wood blinds are around $20-40 dollars each. On the expensive side, faux wood blinds can be over $100 each. This is a big range, so don’t assume that these faux wood blinds are out of your price range.

Overall, the year is also less expensive than most real wood blinds. If you want the look of real wood without the price tag, consider faux wood for your window treatments and take advantage of all that faux wood blinds provide.

Get The Right Window Coverings For Your House!

You deserve to love the way your windows look. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your entire house or just want to change up one room, faux wood blinds could be the solution you need.

At Arizona Blinds Company, we offer a huge section of window treatment services, including blind selection, customization, and installation. Faux wood blinds can elevate your space, so give us a call to request an estimate!